Caring for your Cotton Sleepwear

Washing your Cotton sleepwear

When you need to wash a Louise Mitchell gown, put it in a gentle wash cycle in a gauze washing bag. The bag is kinder than just putting the gown loosely in your machine.It will mean that the garment will keep its newness longer.

Only use soft gentle wash powders or solutions in your machine.

Of course if you hand wash and hang up to dry inside your house or in the fresh air, this is wonderful for the happiness of your garment. Try not to tumble dry.

Stain Removal on White Cotton Nightgowns

The longer a stain remains, the harder it is to remove. Always treat it before laundering.

Care tricks for common stains

•    Lipstick – blot with baby wipes. They are excellent for removing stains yet gentle on the fabric.
•    Blood – blot with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution.
•    Oil – cover with talcum powder or baby powder immediately and allow to sit for 30 minutes. Brush it off, apply a stain remover such as Spray n Wash and wash in hot water.
•    Ink – apply rubbing alcohol and blot until the stain disappears.

Ironing Your White Cotton Sleepwear

Ironing is optional. These days everyone is busy and few of us have ironing ladies!

Louise hangs her gowns on a coat hanger in her bathroom overnight . They drip dry and she does not iron them. Just the feeling of the soft cotton next to your skin is all you need for a restful sleep.

However if you want to iron, here are a few tips

Iron your cotton nightgown on the wrong side. In other words, inside out and when it is still slightly damp. This will prevent any finish on  the garment from being harmed. And will still give you a wrinkle free look.

Cotton can withstand high temperatures so use a hot iron. This is one of the factors which make it the most wearable textile in the world.

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Care Instructions for Cotton Sleepwear               Care Instructions for Cotton Sleepwear