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The easy and natural way to clean Kashmir wool

Kashmir wool is a very durable and sustainable fibre and will last a long time if treated properly. Hand washing or gentle machine washing in a bag with a gentle  natural detergent is the best method to clean. The key is to ensure the temperature  is warm enough to shift dirt but not so hot that it will shrink your garment.(no more than 30 degrees) Always select a slower spin cycle Turn your garment inside out if machine washing.

Hand washing

Half fill  a bucket or sink with lukewarm water. Add a capful of gentle natural cleanser. Swish around. Immerse your garment in the water and gently swish around. Leave to soak for 10 minutes., longer if very dirty.

Empty the bucket or sink and fill with fresh water. and move the garment around to remove excess dirt .Gently press the garment against the side of the sink or bucket.

To dry, lie flat on a clean towel and gently roll a few times. Then pull your garment into shape and lie flat on a fresh towel.

How to prolong the life of your Kashmir wool sleepwear.

Never hang up. The weight of the garment will stretch it out of shape.. Store in a drawer or on a shelf. Pilling can be removed with a wool comb or garment bristle brush. NEVER use a razor or scissors. You will damage the fibres and make it worse.

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