Raffles Hotel in Singapore has had a multi million dollar renovation. Fortunately they have kept the spirit and feeling of the old hotel.

Raffles was opened in 1887 as a 10 room bungalow by 2 brothers from Armenia. Now it is the premiere hotel in Singapore,

Raffles Hotel Singapore 1887  Raffles Hotel Singapore 2019

In 1902 a tiger roamed into the hotel billiard room and hid under the table. It was eventually shot 5 times.This tiger was supposedly the last remaining tiger in Singapore. When the hotel celebrated its centenary a live tiger was sitting on the billiard table.

Louise Loves - Raffles Hotel Singapore

Writers such as Joseph Conrad, Somerset Maugham and Rudyard Kipling have stayed at Raffles. Hollywood stars and the Queen also.The Queen and Michael Jackson stayed in the same suite. Not at the same time I believe!

Famous celebrities have stayed at the Raffles Hotel    A wedding at the Raffles Hotel

The Singapore sling was invented in 1915 by the bartender Ngiam Tong Boon in the Long Bar of the hotel.It is gin based with cointreau and pineapple juice. Shaken and served with ice.Louise would be on the bar room floor after one of these.

Another picture of the Raffles Hotel  Rudyard Kipling said of Raffles Hotel ” The food is excellent but the rooms are bad”

The Raffles Hotel

Raffles Lawn The Lawn. Weddings and other celebrations are held here.

Tiffin at the hotel

The Tiffin Room. Indian restaurant.Tiffin is an Indian/English word for a light meal at 3pm. The British in India loved Tiffin.”Anyone for Tiffin?”

The British in India loved Tiffin The British at play at RafflesThe British at play at Raffles