Kashmir Robe

High Society robe in sumptuous, fine ivory wool from Kashmir.


One of those luxuries you know you should invest in   High Society in our new fine wool is  a soft, warm, light woolen robe. The style is generous. There is plenty of soft wool to wrap around yourself. It is fine and light in weight. You will love the  warmth and the nun’s veil lightness.

High Society in wool is the same style and sizing as High Society in cotton and silk.  Wear High Society woolen robe at home, visiting friends and travelling.. It is not heavy so will be light  in your luggage. Length is almost to ankle. There is a self belt

More about our new wool from Kashmir  Louise first sourced this wool for her baby  collection. For these young bodies the wool had to be super soft and light. She found what she was looking for in Kashmir. Why not use the same wool for a luxury woolen sleepwear collection for women?

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