Kashmir wool nightie

Michelle nightgown in fine nun’s veil wool from Kashmir. Long sleeves


Fine  ivory woolen nightgown Michelle with long sleeves has been designed especially for women whose bust size is larger than their overall body size. For example, they may have a medium size bust and a slim small body size. If they order Michelle they should still order size small The hand smocking across Michelle’s bust has gathers.  This givesextra room for your bust and also extra room in the skirt. The yoke across the back also has gathers and this gives extra room for shoulders.  Style and sizing is exactly the same as Michelle in our ivory silk collection. The front opening has pearl shell buttons. Length is 115-120 cms  46-48 inches

Fine nun’s veil wool from Kashmir   Louise first sourced this wool for her baby and children’s collections.  The wool for babies had to be warm and soft but also light. So why can’t we  have it in our winter sleepwear?  Perfect for babies. Perfect for you

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wool sheep
Shepherds in Kashmir
kashmir wool nightie
Kashmir wool nightgowns Monica and Michelle in our Sydney store.
wool sheep
Sheep grazing in the mountains of Kashmir

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