Fine ivory Kashmir wool nightgown with long sleeves

Fine (nun’s veil) luxurious ivory Kashmir woolen nightgown Alexandra with long sleeves


Fine Kashmir woolen nightgown Alexandra has pin tucks down the front bodice Fine pleating around the neck, sleeves and hem. Delicate roses and stems have been hand embroidered between the pin tucks on the front bodice There is a bouquet of flowers on the skirt.

Warmth comfort and simplicity Alexandra is the same style you know so well from our silk collections. The pattern and measurements are the same.

Perfect for babies. Perfect for you.  Our fine wool sourced from Kashmir has previously been in our children’s  collections in hand embroidered baby wraps and dressing gowns. This nun’s veil fine wool for our children collections had to be super soft and light. We hope you will  love wearing and sleeping in our new soft, warm but light woolen nightgowns.

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Kashmiri girl with little lamb
kashmir wool nightie
Kashmir wool Alexandra nightgown (front) in our Sydney store
Kashmir wool nightgowns in our Sydney store
Sheep grazing in the mountains of Kashmir

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