Monica nightgown in fine wool from Kashmir

Monica nightgown in luxurious fine ivory Kashmir wool, long sleeves

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Fine woolen nightgown Monica with long sleeves is the same style and measurements as our ivory silk Monica. You can be confident to order the same size in woolen Monica. There are fine pin tucks down the front bodice, almost to the waist. The sleeves are also pin tucked. Monica has a front opening with pearl shell buttons. Length is to mid calf on most clients  115-120cms 46-48 inches Ivory hand embroidery in rich bullion roses, stems and leaves. has been stitched around the neckline and around the sleeve cuffs

More about our  nun’s veil soft wool from Kashmir  Louise first sourced this beautiful Kashmiri wool for her baby and children’s sleepwear collection. It needed to be very fine and very soft for babies. She made baby wraps and dressing gowns .. Perfect for babies. Perfect for you

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Kashmir Wool Nightwear
Wooly Kashmiri sheep
kashmir wool nightie
Kashmir wool nightgowns Monica and Michelle in our Sydney store
Kashmir Wool Nightgown
High up in the mountains of Kashmir

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